Dad's Computers Trivia Contest Scoring

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---Final Scores---

1st The Van Buren Boys 18680 points
2nd TFC: Smarter Than So-Crates 14875 points
3rd Collective Foole 14260 points
4th Yer Mom Called Pigs Ate Yer Grandma 13855 points
5th Excellent Assumption Dudes! 12920 points
6th Disciples of Hugh: the Legend Continues 12005 points
7th Six Feet Under 10210 points
8th Bob Genghis Khan 10035 points
9th Who Dat Playing Trivia 9590 points
10th One Flew Over Ther Beerpigs' Nest 9575 points
11th Zombie 9130 points
12th FrEaKs 8805 points
13th Stumpy & Company 8430 points
14th Late Nite with Bob Keeshan 6445 points
15th Tweety's Sweeties 6140 points
16th Jamaican Whale Watch 5860 points
17th Take a Hike 5670 points
18th Yo Momma Sez...Psych! 4425 points
19th DHM 4030 points
20th Wyld Stallyns 3955 points
21st San Dimas High School Marco Polo Team 3495 points
22nd Doctor Sleep 3435 points
23rd The Cakers 2940 points
24th One Man Trivia 1975 points
25th The Far Q'vian Deaf Squiz'aud yo? 1030 points
26th Lost in Jericho 305 points
27th Space Monkey Mafia 90 points
28th Howie Feltersnatch 0 points
29th Monmouth Chargers 0 points

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