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DCTC10: Trivia-Con: A Celebration of Nerds (2021)

DCTC9: Once Upon A Time in Triviatown (2019)

DCTC8: Trivia Reboot (2018)

DCTC7: Trivia B. Goode (2017)

DCTC6: A Wilder Contest (2016)

DCTC5: Trivia Night Live (2015)

DCTC4: Mandatory Trivia (2014)

DCTC3 Dad's Computers Excellent Adventure (2013)

DCTC2 Triviapocalypse Multimedia (2012)

DCTC1 Trivia Tap Multimedia (2011)

Trivia Tap Promo #1 - Trivia in the Fall

Trivia Tap Promo #2 - Do You Love Trivia?

Trivia Tap Main Title - Contest Goes to 11

Photos from DCTC1