Dad's Computers Trivia Contest Scoring

Teams Registered for DCTC5 (so far)

1st Making Puerto Rico A Steak 695
2nd Card Says Moops 535
3rd Assume the Position: Toonces Look Out 480
4th Six Feet Under 455
5th Blue Wher and the MILFs of Invention 390
5th Collective Foole 390
5th Team FrEaK 390
5th TFC, You Ignorant Slut 390
9th BBT13.5: Uneccessary Speed Bumps 340
9th Yer Mom Called, Pigs Ate Yer Grandma 340
11th Screaming Carrots 295
12th Two Pigs, One Beer 290
13th Baba Wawa is Calling in Our Answers 275
13th Team SNLvester - Our Jorb is to play trivia... 275
15th DHM 225
16th Friends of Bob Ross 220
17th F Your I - Funemployment with Dice and Jana 195
17th One and a Half Men and a Computer 195
19th Zombie 195
20th The Cakers 170
21st Clueless 105
22nd Hugh Beaumont 95
22nd Pooper Scoopers 95
24th F Your I - Funemployment with Dice and Jana 90
24th The Last Team to Register 50
26th Amorphous Phrogz 0
26th Of Course I'm In Last, I'm Deaf 0
26th Overlook 0
26th Why Did I Even Register? 0

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