Final Triviapocalypse Standings

1st These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty! 19390

2nd TFC: Binders full of Trivia 15745

3rd Hugh Beaumont 14140

4th Yer Mom Called, Pigs Ate Yer Grandma 13450

5th We're not crazy, our mothers had us tested 13425

6th Collective Foole 12210

7th We love the smell of Trivia in November 11345

8th The Beerpig Redemption 11245

9th The Cakers 10780

10th Six Feet Under 10365

11th Tweety's Sweeties 9025

12th Jamaican Whale Watch 7725

13th Yaargh, Burnouts at a new address, same street! 7695

14th Late Night With Bob Keeshan 6605

15th We have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia 5525

16th DHM 5355

17th Overlook 3990

18th The three muppetteers 3830

19th Binders 47% Full of Notes 2975

20th What about frogs? 2730

21st The Master Debaters 1080

22nd Lost in Jericho 755

23rd The VOIDS 335

24th No Team Just Cupcakes & Clown Dolls 0