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Final Team Standings

1st Place Sofa Kingdom 19280 Points
2nd Place TFC: Crank THIS up to 11! 15575 Points
3rd Place They Won't Let Us Use Their Name 14315 Points
4th Place Hugh Beaumont 13755 Points
5th Place On the Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever 12245 Points
6th Place Late Night 11960 Points
7th Place A Few Good Beerpigs 11865 Points
8th Place Team Freak 10285 Points
9th Place Trivia Schmivia 8910 Points
10th Place Team Thin-o 7935 Points
11th Place Stumpy & Company 7190 Points
12th Place Overlook 6935 Points
13th Place Jay Ferguson Fan Club 6770 Points
14th Place Herman Wiggle 6715 Points
15th Place Jedi Knights 6130 Points
16th Place A Mystery Better Left Unsolved 5915 Points
17th Place Far Q 5740 Points
18th Place Yo Momma Sez…Whaaaat? 4700 Points
19th Place Fargin Iceholes 4410 Points
20th Place Ludicrous Amounts of Bacon 4135 Points
21st Place We Used To Be Lost in Jericho 3880 Points
22nd Place Who's On First 3870 Points
23rd Place Corky Rocks Your World, Admit It. 1585 Points
24th Place Tweeties Sweeties 420 Points