Dad's Computers Trivia Contest Scoring

Team Standings for Hours 1-27
Point Values For All Hours So Far

Final Team Standings as of Hour 27

1st Snoopy and Prickly Pete 18020 points
2nd TFC: We Aint Got Know "Word Crime's" Hear 16785 points
3rd Hugh Beaumont 12925 points
4th Smells like Collective Foole in an Amish Paradise 12530 points
5th Whatever 11225 points
6th Yer Mom Called, Pigs Ate Yer Grandma 11160 points
7th Mando Shenanigans 10690 points
8th Six Feet Under 9860 points
9th Idiot's RX for whooping cough: More Trivia, More Beer! 9720 points
10th Zombie 9650 points
11th Tweety's Sweeties 9360 points
12th Stumpy & Company: Daring to Be Stupid 8690 points
13th FREAKs 8275 points
14th Beerpig on a Hot Tin Roof 8195 points
15th Trivia-Nado 7590 points
16th Jamaican Whale Watch 6920 points
17th F Your I: Another Dice Bites The Dust 6405 points
18th Friends of Bob Ross 5995 points
19th Amorphous Phrogz 5865 points
20th Huskies of Wall Street 5140 points
21st Late Night with Bob Keeshan 5050 points
22nd Yo Momma Sez 4355 points
23rd DHM 4020 points
24th Overlook 1965 points
25th Team X 1670 points
26th Just For Schlitz and Googles 250 points

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