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"Dad's Computers
Trivia 48: The Royalty of Contests

WSAW - April 17, 2017 - "Teams Rev Up for World's Largest Trivia Contest"
Trivia 48 Awards Ceremony (Starts at Dad's Computers but 48th Place & Top Ten are all on video
"Dad's Computers
Trivia 47: Not Your Fathers Contest

WSAW - April 11, 2016 - "Registration begins Monday for Trivia 47 in Stevens Point"
Stevens Point Journal - April 11, 2016 - "Trivia 47 Signup at 90FM WWSP (Photo Gallery)"
"Dad's Computers
Trivia 46: Guardians of the Contest

Stevens Point Journal - April 13, 2015 - Trivia Registration Kick Off
Stevens Point Journal - April 20, 2015 "Dad's Computers Wins Third Straight Contest"
WAOW - April 20, 2015 "Trivia Contest Wraps Up"
Awards Ceremony Top Ten & 46 (Link starts at Dad's Computers but you can watch the whole Top 10
"Dad's Computers: Never Say Die
Trivia 45: Trivia on 45

Awards Ceremony Top Ten
Stevens Point Journal - April 15, 2014 - "With Back to Back Wins Dad's Computers Feels Heat of Trivia Success"
Portage County Gazette - April 18, 2013 - Dads Computers wins second straight Trivia Contest
"Dad's Computers: 35 years of Trivia
Trivia 44: That's Not All Folks

WAOW - April 15, 2013 - Dad's Computers & Registration
SPTV - April 15, 2013 - Dad's Computers First In Line at Registration
STPT Journal - "Three-generation Trivia 44 team hopes this is its year (with video)"
Stevens Point Journal - April 18, 2013 "Long-time Trivia Team seeks first place finish
SPTV: Registration Video
WSAW - April 19, 2013 - Live at Dad's Computers HQ Before Trivia Begins
Go Dad's Cheer
WSAW - April 19, 2013 10pm- Dad's Computers Look for Win/A Family Tradition
Awards Ceremony-1st Place Dad's Computers
WAOW News "Dad's Computers" wins Trivia 44 competition at UWSP
WAOW - April 22, 2013 - Trivia Ends
Stevens Point Journal - April 23, 2013 Dad's Computers Comes Back to Win its First Trivia Contest (with Video)
Stevens Point Journal - April 24, 2013 - "Dad's Computes Earns First Trivia Win" (with Video)
Stevens Point Journal - April 22, 2013 - Dad's Computers Wins Trivia 44
Spectacular End to Trivia 44
Portage County Gazette - April 26, 2013 - Dad's Computers Captures Trivia 44 Title
"Dad's Computers"
Trivia 43: Trivia Grit

STV's 2012 Coverage of the Trivia Parade including Dad's Computers Float
Ava & Patty dancing to "You Can Call Me Al"
Dad's Computers Speech at Awards Ceremony
"Dad's Computers"
Trivia 42: I Love Trivia

STV's 2011 Coverage of the Trivia Parade including Dad's Computers Float/Capn Patty Interview
Superbowl Question: Rita Oh Oh Oh Ohhh
Singing Question: Pringles Fever
Singing Question: We Are Farmers
Singing Question: Nationwide
Go Dads! Cheer
"Dad's Computers: Pretty in Pink Floyd"
Trivia 41: The Dark Side of the Contest

Portage County Gazette - April 23, 2010 - Dad's Computers Pretty in Pink Floyd Parade Float
Teaching Lily to dance Pulp Fiction style
Watching the Slap Chop Remix on Youtube
Singing Question: Lollipop
Singing Question: Baskin Robins Ice Creamy Cake
Shaun's Surprise
"Dad's Computers: Trivia is the Word"
Trivia 40: Here's Looking At You Kid

Michelle walking with kids on her feet
Singing Question - Crispy Critters
Lily sleeping sitting up
Adam opening his mystery letter from OZ
Patty trying to fly away
Adam & Heidi being silly in the garage
Singing to I got you babe
Singing Question - Auld Lang Syne
Awards Ceremony **COMING SOON**
Dad's Computers on Channel 9 News for Registration
Dad's Computers on Channel 7 News for Registration
Our 54 Happy Hour Players Commercials for Trivia
"Dad's Computers: The Wrath of Dad"
Trivia 39: Trivia Invasion

Stevens Point Journal - April 11, 2008 - UWSP site of World's Largest Trivia Contest
Portage County Gazette - April 1, 2008 - Dad's Computers Trivia Float
Our Float in the Parade
Perfect Dance
Kids Dancing Around
Giggly Moments
Vanessa's Dance
Steve Sleep-leaning
Blue Moon Band
In The Mood dancing Part 1 & Part 2
Capri Sun Race
Patty and the Doughnut Leaf
The Cool Table
Being Car Mimes
Award Ceremony
"Dad's Computers: Trivia Royale"
Trivia 38: Trivia Returns

USA Today - April 19, 2007 - Town Runs Marathon of Minutiae [Print Version] [Online Version]
Lily being Eric's Shadow during Registration
Stevens Point Journal - April 19, 2007 - Newcomer to Stevens Point Struggles to Understand Trivia
Stevens Point Journal - April 20, 2007 - Trivia On Parade
Stevens Point Journal - April 20, 2007 - Participant says Trivia is better than Christmas
Trivia Focus by Adam
Stevens Point Journal - April 21, 2007 - Trivial Singing
Patty calling in Little Richard Geico Ad
Singing Question: Peptol Bismol
Patty & Lily dancing to "Whip it"
Aaron & Adam's water chugging contest
Giggly moments
Awards Ceremony-6th Place
Aaron & Eric on the news working at Radiothon 2007
"Dad's Computers: A Farewell to Mom's"
Trivia 37: The Odd Contest

Singing Question Ole!
Perfect Dance
George & Adam Fruit punch chugging contest
Lily playing with Socks
Patty & Lily dancing to "Whip it"
Trivia Focus (coming soon)
Awards Ceremony-9th Place

"Dad's Computers: Dawn of the Dad"
Trivia 36: Keep On Trivia

WAOW - April 11, 2005 5am- Imagine the Life of Patty Johnson...
Oz Talks at Trivia Movie
Home Video: Trivia Movie Line
Stevens Point Journal - April 6, 2005 - MS Support Group Reaches Out (Dad's Computers pictured in background)
Portage County Gazette - April 14, Work the Net wins Trivia 36

"Dad's Computers: The Return of the Dad"
Trivia 35: Thanks for the Contest

Trivia Team Prepares with 27-Hour Campout (Featuring Dad's Computers & The Collective)
Trivia Focus by Patty
Spinning the Kids
Awards Ceremony (coming soon)
"Dad's Computers: Version 25.0 Silver Anniversary Edition"
Trivia 34: Survivor Trivia

Stevens Point Journal - April 4, 2003 - Teams Sharpen Pencils, Skills at Trivia Movie
Being announced in 2nd Place
"Dad's Computers"
Trivia 33: All in the Contest

Being announced in 2nd Place
Stevens Point Journal - April 22, 2002 - Trivia Winds Down - N takes Top Prize
"Dad's Computers"
Trivia 32: Old Days

Stevens Point Journal - April 16, 2001 - An Early Start (Dad's Computers at Registration
UWSP The Pointer - April 19, 2001 - Trivia Contest Draws Thousands to Stevens Point
Being announced in 2nd Place
"Dad's Computers"
Trivia 31: The Bug Strikes

Stevens Point Journal - April 13, 2000 - Trivia Bug Hits Point
Portage County Gazette - April 14, 2000 - Trivia Parade Photo
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