Dad’s Computers wins second straight Trivia Contest

by Gene Kemmeter of The Gazette

The team Dad’s Computers: Never Say Die captured the 2014 WWSP 90FM Trivia Contest, “Trivia 45: Trivia on 45.” The victory was the second straight for the team in the 54-hour contest that ran from 6 p.m. Friday, April 11, to midnight Sunday, April 13.
The team came from behind in the last seven hours to win the 2013 contest, but this year the team took a lead early in the contest and held on for the rest of the 54 hours.
“We were really excited,” said Richard Bamberg, who started the team 36 years ago. “We’re really excited because we do this trivia thing all year long. We take notes when we go to the store and watch TV and movies. It shows the first time wasn’t a fluke.”
"We did a lot of work," said his daughter, Patty Johnson, who is known as Cap'n Patty. "It was nice to see it pay off. We're always taking notes on something."
Dad's Computers slowly pulled away from the second-place team, Festivus for the Rest of Us, finishing with a record 21,655 pounts to 20,555 points. More points were scored in the contest as the scoring formula was revised to provide more points to teams if fewer teams got an answer right. The other top 10 teams were Network Records: Heck of a Run, third with 18,105; Collective Foole, fourth with 16,805; Ugly Undulating Uvulas, fifth with 16,445; Tin Man, sixth with 16,025; Trivia Fursuit: Watch Walker Wreck, seventh with 15,670; TFC: Seven Inches of Hot Black Vinyl, eighth with 15,655; Ah Bin Hyp-Mo-Tized!!!, ninth with 15,550; and Graduates of a Lesser God, 10th with 15, 255
Rounding out the top 20 were Knights of Neek, 11th with 15,245; Franklin Street Burnouts, 12 with 14,935; It's Just Basementality 13th with 14,835; The Cakers 14th with 14,715; Lactation Nation 45 Dble D Nice Stax, 15th with 14,610; Trivia on 45 Playing at 33 Yaaargh!PM, 16th with 14,600; Much Ado About Beerpigs, 17th with 14,335; Freshly Squeezed, 18th with 14,315; Whatsamatta-U: Beyond the Nakedness, 19th with 13,990; and Never Trust a Baby with a Mustache, 20th with 13, 785. A Complete list of teams and their scores is on page 32.
Jim "The Oz" Oliva, who writes the questions for the contest with John Eckendorf, said he heard a number of favorable comments about the contest, especially the new scoring formula. "There were fewer zero and 500 pointers this year," he said, "but a lot between 75 and 300. That's the area we wanted more because those are hard ones to answer. If you can find it (the answer) on the Internet then it's not as hard." In previous years a team might answer a tough question and only get 10 points because the scoring system wasn't graduated to give more teams more points for answering the question.
"The scoring system kept people excited," Eckendorf said. " One person thanked us for the new scoring system. It gives the smaller teams hope."
While the contest generates a lot of competition, Oliva said the purpose behind it is to have fun. "All in all, we had fun" he said about himself and Eckendorf. "I was so active this year. I got two hours and 10 minutes of sleep. I was carrying on like a 16-year-old, having a good time, dancing, walking around," he said, adding that despite the activity he still gained 4 pounds well sampling various items of food brought to the radio station.
Oliva said one player came up to him and said "anybody who complained about the questions in this content should never play again. They were the best he's ever heard. The variety was such that we never knew where the questions were coming from."
Oliva said he and Eckendorf like the questions of "theme" hours, such as the Ferris, Harold Ramis and new hours.
The singing questions were also funny, he said, adding that the telephone operators were in hysterics about some of the "singers."
Oliva and Eckendorf said the contest wasn't without glitches. One "Trivia Stone" client turned adventurous one most teams in group and we're unable to see the rock iron fences in the darkness. Eckendorf told him it was like the scene in "National Lampoon's Animal House" where the band is led into a dead-end alley and everyone smashes it into each other. "In this case, all of these cars were going into a dead end and all the cars kept coming and coming," he said.
Otherwise the contest went relatively smoothly, he said, adding that he wish there were more numbers playing as in previous years. "We've seen a decline in teams and people the last few years," he said. "I would like to see it grow."
Bamberg said Dad's Computers has always play the contest for fun, and the event has turned into a reunion through the years for team members. When he moved to Stevens Point 36 years ago, he started playing trivia and had his children playing too. In turn, the children asked friends in school to also play and they've kept coming every year since then. "Many have moved away," he said, "but they come back every year for trivia. It's like a family reunion. It's just wonderful."
Hosting trivia is also a lot of work, he said, pointing out that the team cooked 50 pounds of ground beef during the weekend to use in various meals. The team also lost power twice during the contest. "We had too many computers and coffee pots plugged into the same circuits," he said. "We had to move the computers to other circuits. Things happen," he said.
"It's wonderful especially to see all those people who were little kids and now are parents with little kids running around. Little kids are the future of the team. As they get older they want to play too." Bamberg said he's impressed with all the other teams because players know each other and are friends until it comes time for the competition of the contest, but they are friends again after the contest is over. Johnson said the contest is like a family reunion, with some team members coming from Ohio and Illinois, while others have to play online because they can't make every contest. "it's more fun to be at team headquarters" she said.
Johnson said team members have done a lot of work. "it was nice to see it pay off. We're always taking notes on something. I almost wanted to start taking notest today" she said Wednesday, April 16, "Even though I'm still exhausted from Trivia."
Bamberg said he enjoys taking notes too. "My wife would like to fast-forward through commercials to get to the story." he said. "I like to see the commercials. Commercials are so much fun to watch, there's so much stuff that could be asked during Trivia.