Our Team

Our team has been playing trivia since 1978. In the beginning we played under a few different names before we permanently changed our name to "Dad's Computers" That name was picked for many reasons. It is a parody of "Mom's Computers" the company owned by the OZ. Also, it ties in well with our team because we have several members who work with computers and the team was founded by Rick Bamberg, the Dad of the team.
We are a team that likes to get as involved as possible each year with all the aspects of trivia. This includes camping out for Trivia Registration, participating in the Trivia Parade, and getting in line several hours early for the Trivia Movie. We also work year round taking notes on movies, tv, commercials, and more. We pride ourselves being a team who has fun during trivia while striving do our best and place well in the final standings. We are not one of the teams who uses Trivia as an excuse to get drunk and we actually don't allow drinking at our HQ during Trivia. We are crazy enough in all of the excitement of trivia!

Team Pictures through the years
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