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Trivia is the worldís largest trivia contest which is held in Stevens Point, Wisconsin every year in mid-April. Eight questions per hour are asked over 90FM, the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point college radio station, for a total of 54 hours. The contest starts at 6pm on Friday evening and ends at midnight Sunday. Each team can only chance to call in their answer for each question and have the length of two songs (usually about 7 minutes) to get through the phone lines, give your team ID number and your answer. The correct answer is read after the second song has finished. The point values are then calculated and given after the following hour's questions. All teams that respond correctly are given an equal share of the 2000 points that each question is worth, with a minimum of 5 points and a maximum of 500 points. There are two hours during the contest (6pm Saturday and 6pm Sunday) when only four questions are asked because they read all the team standings over the radio. The standings are also available online and on the television during various portions of the contest.


Trivia Registration for our team is one of the most fun aspects. Teams may start registering for the contest on the Monday before trivia weekend at 3pm. Dad's Computers has been one of the first teams in line for the last couple of years. In 2001, we were first in line. Three of our team members got in line at about 2am and even set up a fishing shanty in which to sleep. They stayed warm with the help of a small heater because it was very cold outside and snowing at times. Other teams began  to show up around 11am and the line was very long way by 3pm. One of the advantages to being early for registration is that you are one of the first teams to get a copy of the New Trivia Times. The New Trivia Times is a booklet filled with rules, information, the Trivia Times Pictures, Music Question Forms, and the first clue of the Trivia Stone.

Trivia Times Pictures
The Trivia Times Pictures are usually 25 pictures and can be from anything. There are usually some from movies, TV, sports, advertisements, symbols and games. The goal is to get all the information that you can for each picture during the week before the contest, because you have no idea what question they will ask about the pictures during the contest. They will ask these the questions at any time during the contest and are sometimes very high point values.

Trivia Parade
Another fun part of the pre-trivia fun is the Annual Trivia Parade. The parade begins at 4pm on the Friday of the contest and winds through the campus of UWSP. Prizes are given out for the top team floats and we have placed 3rd and 2nd places in past years.

Trivia Stone
The Trivia Stone is one of the Trivia activities that donít occur at the teamís headquarters. Many times throughout the contest, the Trivia Stone clues are read over the radio. There are 2 separate clue routes called A & B, which are assigned to you at registration. You listen and record the clues for your group and get in your vehicle and follow the clues, which lead you throughout the city and countryside. Three times during the contest the stone clues will be read and you are given 45 minutes to get to that nightís destination. There you get your New Trivia Times booklet stamped by a trivia staff member. One stamp earns 50 points, two stamps 150 points, and three stamps 300 points.

Music Question
Another part of trivia that needs to be recorded is the three Music Questions. These are snippets of 8 sound bites and are played only a couple times each day. Each snippet is equivalent to one question, each getting a different point value. Each day your music questions answers are turned in to the 90FM Trivia Headquarters.

Running Questions
On Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7am the Running Questions are held. Each team sends a representative to a specific location, as told in the Trivia Times, and gathers information within running distance of the sight. Running and Walking are your only options. Use of cars, bikes or anything with wheels is not allowed. You have a sheet of questions that you must answer like 
"How tall is the letter 'S' on a sign?" at one store, and "How much is the rabbit in the window at the toy store?". You have 45 minutes to go through all of the questions and turn them back in at the starting point.

Final Question
For the final question of Trivia you only have the length of one song to answer. These are usually very random questions that either you know it or you donít.

Trivia Cool Down
After the final question is read, it is time for the Trivia Cool Down. They play a bunch of Beatles music and figure out the final team standings. Then they read all the team standings and a trophy ceremony is held for the top 10 teams on the UWSP student television station.

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