Our Parade Floats
(click photo to enlarge)

After several years we made our return to the Trivia Parade for Oz & Eck's last year as writers. We did a simpler Card themed float but we had a blast!
This year we didn't have a trailer to ride on so Dad build this sweet float and put it on top of his car and drove it in the parade! Bonus: Here is another photo of Dad driving our float around in the parade!
This year our theme was just "Dad's Computers" We made up Dad's Rootbeer sytle shirts so we decide to have a Rootbeer Float in the parade. We threw official Dad's Rootbeer Rootbeer Barrels!
This year our theme was "Dad's Computers: Pretty in Pink Floyd" as an tribute to John Hughes who recently died & the official trivia Star Wars theme. We all dressed like Star Wars characters but also being Pink. We also made a giant pink Jabba the Hut.
This year our theme was "Dad's Computers: Trivia is the word" This theme was about an episode of Family Guy where Peter listens and sings to "the Bird is the Word" during the whole episode. We all dressed like Family Guy characters and played "The Bird is the Word". We also threw eggs filled with candy!
This year our theme was "Dad's Computers: The Wrath of Dad" Our float was turned into the Star Trek Enterprise, we all dressed up like Star Trek characters and played the theme to Star Trek for our music. The weather was terrible with wind, snow, hail, rain but we toughed it out.
This year we decided to go with "Dad's Computers: Trivia Royale" for our theme so we had a casino float. The backboard had a giant roulette wheel that spins on a wall of slot machines. Everyone dressed up like characters from Bond movies and we even through poker chips with our theme on them. The float looked great even though on the way to the parade the backboard came flying off and we had to do a quick repair once we got in line.
Since Oz sold Mom's computers, our namesake, our team theme was "Dad's Computers: A Farewell to Moms" Our float was a giant Mom's computers building made out of pieces of styrofoam. We also played ""Nah, Nah, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye"
This year our team theme was "Dad's Computers: Dawn of the Dad" so we had a Zombie and gravevard covered float (Dawn of the Dead) The backboard was a huge gravestone and the trailer was surrounded by smaller gravestones and we played the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson
The trivia theme this year was "Thanks for the Contest" in honor of Bob Hope. Bob hope always did USO shows so for our parade we had a big military vehicle and all dressed up in army gear and played the song "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"
Since the official theme was "Trivia Survivor" our float played the song "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. We danced around in our alien contest and gave out candy and CDs which contained the aliensong video file which is where out float concept came from. Download it at http://www.navone.org
Since the official theme was "All in the Contest" featuring Archie Bunker, our theme was "Dad's Computers: All in The Family Feud" and our feuding families were The Bunkers vs. The Simpsons. We had the theme to "Family Feud" play while we clapped along excitedly like they do in the intro.
The Official theme this year was "Old Days" so we thought of Time Warping back to the old days and did our float as "Dad's Computers: Trivia Time Warp". We dressed up like the cast from The Rocky Horror Pictures show and danced to time warp 11 times during the parade route. Let's Do Time Warp Again!
The Official theme this year was "The Bug Strikes" so we thought of our computers being sick. Our theme was "Dad's Computers: Bug B Gone" and most of dressed up like Doctors caring for our sick computers. Dad and the kids also dressed up like bugs and we had a giant sick computer walking down the street
This year my Mom & Dad took the year off from playing trivia so our Official theme this year was "Dad's Lost in Cyberspace" so carried signs saying "have you seen dad" with his photo on them and threw milk cartons with his photo on them (filled with candy of course)