Our Team history

Trivia 52 Logo Dad's Computers: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Final Standing: 1st place, 27,650 points

This year we had an absolute blast playing Trivia. It was Oz & Eck's final time writing the contest as they pass the torch to David Coulthurst aka Dac.  During the Award Ceremony, 90FM lost power and had to have the ceremony by cellphone lights.  We planned a surprise for Oz and Eck where a bunch of people gathered outside the station and sang "California Girls" to them.  It was amazing!

Trivia 51 Logo Mom's Computers

Final Standing: 1st place, 18,740 points

This contest another shortened contest because of Covid-19. We had a small amount of people at our headquarters with most of our team playing virtually. Our name was changed to "Mom's Computers" this year in honor of the Mom of Dad's Computers, Joan Bamberg, passing away earlier this year. We are very happy to have the Point Cup back!

Experiment in Trivia Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 1st place, 14,250 points

This contest was very different from the typical contest because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The hours were shortened and everything was done online so teams wouldn't have to gather. We submitted answers online instead of via phone and even the Trivia Stone was done on Google Maps!

Trivia 50 Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 2nd place, 19,455 points


Trivia 49 Logo Dad's Computers: The Dad Remembers

Final Standing: 2nd place, 17,110 points

Truly a crazy year for everyone playing Trivia. Because of crazy April snowstorm both the Trivia Stone and Running Questions were both cancelled. Most teams including ours had problems with cars stuck in the snow at their headquarters. We only had two cars that could leave most of the weekend. The award ceremony was also cancelled because of dangerous conditions.

Trivia 48 Logo Dad's Computers: PC Control

Final Standing: 2nd place, 19,215 points


Trivia 47 Logo Not Your Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 2nd place, 15,135 points


Trivia 46 Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 1st place, 23,010 points

Third win in a row! This year was a blast!

Trivia 45 Logo Dad's Computers: Never Say Die

Final Standing: 1st place, 21,655 points

Back to Back Wins! This year was a lot of fun and had a lot of memorable moments! *more soon*

Trivia 44 Logo Dad's Computers: 35 Years of Trivia

Final Standing: 1st place, 10,685 points

On our team's 35th anniversary we were the WINNERS of the World's Largest Trivia Contest. We spent most of the contest in 2nd or 3rd place and then all worked together and did amazing in the final 6 blackout hours which made up a lot of ground! The 90FM Hallway was crazy tense while we waited during the awards ceremony...and then very emotional when we found out we had won!

Trivia 43 Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 2nd place, 9,525 points

Another 2nd Place Finish! This year we were filmed for a show on PBS.

Trivia 42 Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 2nd place, 11,150 points

This year we had a great time and spent a large amount of the contest in first place. Network ended up winning right at the end of the contest, beating us by only 15 points!
Our name went back to just "Dad's Computers" and we made a "Rootbeer Float" for the parade wearing our Dad's Rootbeer-style shirts.


Trivia 40 Logo Dad's Computers: Pretty In Pink Floyd

Final Standing: 6th place, 9040 points

This year we had some up and down moments and ended taking 6th place out of 414 teams. Our biggest point value was a 400 point question.
This year we were finally able to take 1st place in the Trivia Parade. Our float was awesome and we made a giant Pink Jabba The Hut and all dressed in pink versions of Star Wars Costumes.

Trivia 40 Logo Dad's Computers: Trivia is the Word

Final Standing: 2nd place, 9365 points

New This Year: James Forman

And in 2nd Place, Dad's Computers! This was really a crazy year. Before the 6 o'clock break when they stop telling us the standings we were in 2nd place. Our last few hours we thought we did bad and we sure we had dropped some places. At the awards ceremony they just kept calling teams and every time it wasn't us we got more and more excited! 2nd place felt AWESOME!
For the parade we turned our trailer a diner like in the Family guy episode our theme was based off and we dressed up like Family Guy characters. The weather was much better this year!

Trivia 37 Logo Dad's Computers: The Wrath of Dad

Final Standing: 5th place, 8325 points

New This Year: Jim Waisbrot

A top ten finish again! This was an interesting year all around. The beginning of the contest was really difficult for us but then we seemed to hit our groove and stayed around 5th place the rest of the contest. This year the Trivia stone was canceled after the first set of clues because of the weather. We had bunches of fun this year. One of the funniest moments happened during the awards ceremony when Eric accidentally broke our trophy on camera!
For the parade we turned our trailer into the Star Trek Enterprise, dressed up like Star Trek characters. The weather was cold, slushy, snowy, rainy windy but we toughed it out! We came in 2nd place and won some Point Root Beer, Point Orange Soda and another inflatable point guy.

Trivia 37 Logo Dad's Computers: Trivia Royale

Final Standing: 6th place, 8200 points

New This Year: Ian Johnson, Bill Albanito

This was our third time in the top ten & we got our second 500 pointer (well, 515 pointer if you count the second time the same question was asked in the contest)
Our Float fell apart on the way to the parade, but with Gary's quick thinking and tools we got it back together again before the parade started. We actually took 3rd in the parade!
Adam did our Trivia Focus this year. Hear it HERE

Trivia 37 Logo Dad's Computers: A Farewell to Mom's

Final Standing: 9th place, 7460 points

New This Year: Anthony Heaverlo, Chad Laska, Rick Kaiser

This was our second time in the top ten! There really is no feeling like the one you get when you get the call from Oz saying come down to 90FM for the awards ceremony!
Things ran pretty smoothly and everyone got along very well this year. We got alot of big pointers and did very well on the NTT picts this year

Trivia 36 Logo Dad's Computers: Dawn of the Dad

Final Standing: 7th place, 7855 points

New This Year: Lily Johnson, Michelle Johnson

Top Ten, baby! This was our first year in the Top 10. We got our second trophy and got to go down to 90FM to accept it. We got our first 500 pointer this year. The question was from a book that Eric Hamus read in the 4th grade. So he called his mom who quickly found the book & got us our valuable trivia points.
We were once again visited by the documentary crew who wanted to take team photos. Ken Jennings, who won oodles on Jeopardy, also visited our HQ to get info for a book he is writing. Newsline 9 also came to HQ to interview the Cap'n. It was a busy weekend!

Trivia 35 Logo Dad's Computers: The Return of the Dad

Final Standing: 17th place, 6235 points

New This Year: Jonathan Bamberg, Kenn Gardner, Rhiannon Gatton, Vanessa Castrodes, Ken Marciniak

This was an amazing year for Dad's. Between the many big pointers we got this year, the documentary crew being around throughout the weekend, and then ending up in the top 20 this year! We had many, many crazy moments this year and I can't wait to see more excitement in the future for us.
Patty did the Trivia focus this year and it's pretty crazy. Hear it HERE

Trivia 33 Logo Dad's Computers: Version 25.0 Silver Edition

Final Standing: 28th place, 5425 points

New This Year: Rachael Miller, Bart Forman

This was a very memorable year. Some of best moments where when we heard our name announced in 2nd & 5th places during some hours of the contest.

We also won 3rd place in the parade float competition and received a case of pizzas, a Point Beer Raft, and a Point Beer Sign.

Trivia 33 Logo Dad's Computers: All In The Family Feud

Final Standing: 33rd place, 4970 points

New This Year: Jimmy Olson, George Schreiner, Brian Halverson

This year we got a trophy for being in 33rd place, since it was the 33rd year of trivia. We were all filled with excitement when we filled the 90FM room to accept our trophy.
We also got 3rd place in the Trivia Parade! Our float concept was the set of Family Feud with the feuding families of The Bunkers vs. The Simpsons. It was lots of fun

Trivia 32 Logo Dad's Computers: Trivia Time Warp

Final Standing: 45th place, 4580 points

New This Year: Kenta Bacas Hosaka, Adam Johnson, Marty Lecy, Brittany Hall

This year we got 2nd place in the parade and also went one notch up from last years place. This had to been the most smooth trivia ever. Even the Captain stayed up the entire contest. We did a great job and will be back next year to rule.

Trivia 31 Logo Dad's Computers: Bug B Gone

Final Standing: 46th place, 5095 points

New This Year: Bill Schleizer, Aaron Hamus, Laura Pino, Debbie Weis, Chris Olsen, Brittany Hall

For Trivia 2000, many things became new. Hard work went into the construction of the new and improved Bibliotech (Libray). New Shelves were built and more computers were added. We won 3rd Place in the Trivia Parade and received 10 free pizzas. We lost a little ground during this year's contest and just couldn't seem to get any questions over 50 points. Funny memories include Mr. B trying to keep the phone girl on the other side occupied for as long as possible.

Trivia 30 Logo Dad's Computers: Dad's Lost In Cyberspace

Final Standing: 26th place, 5610 points

New This Year: Matt Konrad, Dan Fraiser, Michael Best

1999 was our years of firsts. It was Patty Bamberg's first year as team captain. It was our first and hopefully only year without Dad. We participated in the Trivia Parade for the first time. This was also our first year with more than one PC on the internet. Additional team members give the team extra man power and much needed sports knowledge. We take big advantage of Core Digital Internet's service failing during the middle of night and climb over 50 places to finish our best ever. Eric remembers screaming at 8:00 am on Sunday morning for everyone to wake up because we were in 21st place at the time. Team also gets 145 points for our answer "Boop-A-Doop Bar".

Trivia 29 Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 75th place, 4105 points

New This Year: Eric Hamus, Danny Bamberg, Jeremy Mullenburg

This was Eric Hamus's first year of trivia, but after playing on a team created by Mark Sawyer called "Falcon's Keep", Mark, Tabitha, and Eric switch over to Dad's Computers for the last 7 hours of the contest. Team finishes in the top 100 for the first time ever. The contest is called "On The Road" because it was the trivia stone made it's reappearance after not being part of the contest for several years.

Trivia 28 Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 114th place, 3115 points

New This Year: Gwyn Kawski, Mr & Mrs Kawski, Matthew Bamberg

Trivia 27 Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 191st place, 1975 points

Trivia 27

Trivia 26 Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 124th place, 2675 points

Music Question Introduced

Trivia 26

Trivia 25 Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 109th place, 2930 points

New This Year: Mark Sawyer

Trivia 25

Trivia 24 Logo Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 159th place, 1710 points

New This Year: Katie & Heidi McFadyen

Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 120th place, 1825 points

Trivia 23

Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 81st place, 2390 points

Trivia 22

Dad's Computers

Final Standing: 156th place

Trivia 21

Dad's Computers

New Scoring System Introduced

Trivia 20

Dad's Computers

 New Scoring System Introduced

Trivia 19

Dad's Computers

This is the year that the time change occurred during trivia and there was only 53 hours

Trivia 18

Dad's Computers

Trivia 17

The Naughty No Nothings

Final Standing: 190th place

Trivia 16

Trivia 33 Logo Sunshine

Final Standing: 236th Place

New This Year: Lori Bamberg

Trivia 15


Trivia 14

Trivia 33 Logo Sunshine

Single Call Format Adopted

Trivia 13

Trivia 33 Logo Sunshine

Final Standing: 190th place

203rd Place 865 points

Trivia 12

Trivia 33 Logo Sunshine

Trivia 11


First Year with the Trivia OZ
New Members: Brent Hollenbeck

Trivia 10


Our First Year Members Included: Richard & Joan Bamberg, Steve Bamberg, Cindy Bamberg, Becky Bamberg, Patty Bamberg

Trivia 9

1 1



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