Coming to you 11-11-22

Registered DCTC11 Teams so far:

Somehow, You Made It Worse
Six Feet Under
Sylvester's Horror HQ: Room 13 at the Dry Gulch Hotel
Lost in Jericho
Hugh Beaumont - Wally's Givin' Them The Business in Heaven
Plover. The Upside Down
Stranger People Are Typing
Screaming Carrots
The Harrington Babysitting Service
Pooper Scoopers - Stranger Flings
The Hallway
TFC: TTFN! Ta-ta for now!
The C.U.B.E. -- Some Assimilation Required
Tippy Toe! Tippy Toe! Lemon Tree!
Assume We're Stealthy, Like Ninjas
Just Listening, Not Playing...For the 3rd Time
us lesbians love garfield!
The Old Trivia Times

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